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Introduction and Evolution of Greatest Dynasties

Abbreviations of Countries and Dynasties
Sinoptic Table 1: Titles
Sinoptic Table 2: Names

First Part: Evolution of Greatest Dynasties

Chart 1: The Dynasties of Byzantine Empire
Chart 2: The Dynasties of the Caliphs
Chart 3: The Dynasties of France
Chart 4: The Normans Dynasties and Dynasties of England&Scotland
Chart 5: The Dynasties of Spain
Chart 6: The Dynasty of Nassau-Orange
Chart 7: The Dynasties of Austria and Hungary
Chart 8: The Dynasty of Hohenzollern
Chart 9: The Dynasty of Oldenburg
Chart 10: The Dynasty of Luxemburg
Chart 11: The Dynasties of Russia
Chart 12: Shema Evolution of Turkotatars
Chart 13: The Dynasties of Mongols


List 1: The Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt
Chart 14: Ist  Dynasty
Chart 15: IIIrd , IVth, and Vth Dynasties
Chart 16: Vth, VIth and VIIth  Dynasties
Chart 17: XIth Dynasty
Chart 18: XIIth Dynasty
Chart 19: XIIIth Dynasty
Chart 20: XVIIth Dynasty
Chart 21: XVIIIth Dynasty
Chart 22: XIXth Dynasty
Chart 23: XXth Dynasty 
Chart 24: Dynasty of Archbishops and XXIst  Dynasty
Chart 25: XXIInd Dynasty, Dynasty of Archbishops and XXIIIth Dyn.
Chart 26: Dynasties XXIVth, XXVth, XXVI and XXVIIth
Chart 27: XXXth Dynasty

Assyria and Babylonia

List 2: Rulers of  Mesopotamia: Uruk, Ur, Lagash, Kish, Akkad and Hittites
List 3: Kings of the Assyria
List 4: Kings of the Babylon

Chart 28: The Royal Dynasty of Sargon
Chart 29 The Imperial Dynasty of  of Mitanni
Chart 30/31/32: The Royal Dynasty of Assyria
Chart 33: The Royal Dynasty of Babylon

Sparta, Atene and Carthage

List 5 The Arhonts of Athene

Chart 34/35: The Royal Dynasty of  Sparta

Chart 36: The Royal Dynasties of Carthage

Persia and Ancient Greece

List 6: Elamite Kings of Persia
Chart 37/38: The Persian Imperial Dynasty of Achaemenes

Chart 39: The Royal Dynasty of Perdiccas
Chart 40: The Royal Dynasties Antipatrids and Antigonids

Helenistic Empires

Chart 41: Royal Dynasty of Arsacids in Partia
Chart 42/43: The Royal Dynasty of Seleucids
Chart 44: The Shas Dynasty of Sassanid
Chart 45/46: The Royal Dynasty of Ptolemids

Holy Land

Chart 47: The Imperial Dynasty of Israel
List 7: Kings of North Kingdom – Israel
List 8: Kings of South Kingdom – Judaea
Chart 48: The Royal Dynasty of Maccabees
Chart 49: The Royal Dynasty of Herodians

The Roman Empire

Chart 50: The Kings of Rome
Chart 51: Relationships Between Noble Families
Chart 52: The Gaius Julius Caesar Family Tree
Chart 63: The Augustus Family Tree
Chart 54: The Dynasty of  The Antonians
Chart 55: The Dynasty of  The Octavians
Chart 56: The Dynasty of  The Claudians
Chart 57: The Claudius Family Tree
Chart 58: The The Imperial Dynasty of The Julians-Claudians
Chart 59: Military Emperors, Three good emperors
The Imperial Dynasty of The Flavians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Antonians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Severs
Chart 60:The Imperial Dynasties of  The Barracks
Chart 61:The Imperial Dynasty of  The Ilyrians
Chart 62:The Imperial Dynasty of  The Constantines
Chart 63:The Imperial Dynasty of  The Valentines
The Imperial Dynasty of  The Theodosians
The Imperial Dynasty of  The Thracianids

The Barbarians Kingdoms         
Chart 64: The Hunnic Kingdom
Chart 65: The Bourgundy's Kingdom
Chart 66: The Vandal's Kingdom 
List 9: Kings of Illyrians 
Chart 67: The Avar's Khaganate Chart 68: The German's Kingdom

Byzantine Empire

Chart 69: The Imperial Dynasty of The Justinians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Heraclians
Chart 70: The Imperial Dynasty of The Isaurians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Armorians (Frigians)
The Imperial Dynasty of The Lacapenos
Chart 71: The Imperial Dynasty of The Macedonians
Chart 72: The Imperial Dynasty of The Ducas
The Imperial Dynasty of The Comnenus
Chart 73: The Imperial Dynasty of The Angelos
The Imperial Dynasty of The Lascaris
Chart 74: The Imperial Dynasty of The Paleologos
Chart 75: Emperors of Trabizond


Chart 76: The Origins of the Arab Dynasties and First Caliphs
Chart 77: The Caliph Umayyads Dynasty in Syria
Chart 78/79: The Caliph Abbasids Dynasty in Irac and Egypt
Chart 80: The Imam Fatimids Dynasty in Egypt
Chart 81: The Caliph Fatimids Dynasty in Egypt
Chart 82: The Sultan Dynasty of Umayads in Cordoba
Chart 83: The Emir Dynasty of Nasrids in Granada

Crusades States

Chart 84:  The Principal Dynasty of The Tancred
Chart 85: The Royal Dynasty of The Jerusalem
Chart 86: The Latin Emperors of Constantinople


Chart 87/88: The Royal Dynasty of Mérovingian
Chart 89: The Pipinides
Chart 90: The Imperial Dynasty of Carolingians
Chart 91/92/93: The Royal Dynasty of Capetians
Chart 94 The Royal Dynasty of Valois
Chart 95: The Royal Dynasty of Valois-Orléan and Valois–Ango ulême
Chart 96: The Royal Dynasty of Bourbon
Chart 97: The Imperial Dynasty of Bonaparte
Chart 98: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Bourbon-Orléan
Chart 99: The Duke Dynasty of Normans in Normandy
Chart 100: The Duke Dynasty of Anjou 1st House
Chart 101: The Duke Dynasty of Anjou 3rd House
Chart 102/103: The Duke Dynasty of Brittany
Chart 104/105  The Duke &  Earl Dynasty of Burgundy
Chart 106/107/108: The Duke Dynasty of Lorraine
Chart 109: The Duke Dynasty of Beauharnais
Chart 110: The Bastards of Henri IV and Louis XIV
Chart 111: The Dukes and Counts of Bourbon & Bourbon-Montpensier
Chart 112: The Dukes and Counts of Vendôme & Marche
Chart 113: The Counts Condé, Soissons & Conti

Spain and Portugal

Chart 114/115: The Royal Dynasty of Visigoth
Chart 116/117: The Counts and Royal Dynasty of Arista and Jimena in Navarra
Chart 118/119: The French Royal Dynasty in Navarra
Chart 120/121: The Royal Dynasties of Pelayez and Perez in Asturia, Leon and Galicia
Chart 122: The Counts Dynasty Bellonides of Barcelona and Sánches in Catalonia
Chart 123/124: The Counst Dynasty of Galindez and Royal Dynasty of Barcelona in Aragon
Chart 125: The Counts and Kings Dynasty of Lara and Royal Dynasty of Gonzáles in Castile and Leon
Chart 126: The Royal Dynasty of Navarra and Burgundy in Castile and Leon
Chart 127/128: The Royal Dynasty of Trastamára in Castile and Leon
Chart 129: The Royal Dynasty of Habsburg
Chart 130/131: The Royal Dynasty of Bourbon

Chart 132: The Royal Dynasty of Burgundy
Chart 133: The Royal Dynasty of Aviz
Chart 134/135: The Royal Dynasty of Braganza
Chart 136: The Counts Dynasty of Bourbon-Orléan Braganza & Nemours


Chart 137: The Royal Dynasties of Ostrogot’s
Chart 138: The Royal Dynasties of Longobard’s
Chart 139: The Imperial Dynasty of Carolingians
Chart 140: The Royal Dynasty of Anjou – the 2nd House
Chart 141/142/143/144: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Savoy
Chart 145: The Duke Dynasty of Medici
Chart 146: The Duke Dynasty of D’ Este
Chart 147: The Duke Dynasty of Visconti and Sforza
Chart 148: The Duke Dynasty of Gonzaga
Chart 149: The Duke Dynasty of Farnese
Chart 150: The Earl Dynasty of Borgia and della Rovere
Chart 151: The Royal Dynasty of Bourbon: The Kings Two Sicilies
Chart 152: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Bourbon/Parma
List 10: The List of the Venetian Doges
List 11: The List of Popes and Antipopes


Chart 153: The Royal Dynasty of Flanders and Hainaut
Chart 154/155: The Royal Dynasty of  Dampierre
Chart 156: The Royal Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld

Chart 157: The Royal Dynasty of Friesland
Chart 158: The Royal Dynasty of Hainaut
Chart 159/160: The Royal Dynasty of Nassau-Orange

Chart 161/162: The Royal Dynasty of Luxemburg
Chart 163/164: The High Dukes Dynasty of Nassau

United Kingdom

Chart 165: Kings of Kent 
Chart 166: Kings of Bernicia and Deira – Northumbria
Chart 167: Princes and Kings of Gwynedd, Deheubarth, Powys and Seisyllwg in Wales
Chart 168: Kings of East Anglia
List 12: Kings of Sussex
Chart 169: Kings of Essex
List 13: Kings of York
Chart 170: Kings of Mercia
Chart171: King of Wessex
Chart 172: The Royal Dynasty of Saxon
Chart 173: The Royal Dynasty of Norman
Chart 174: The Royal Dynasty of Plantagenet
Chart 175: The Royal Dynasty of Lancaster
Chart 176: The Royal Dynasty of York
Chart 177: The Royal Dynasty of Tudor
Chart 178: The Royal Dynasty of Stuart
Chart 179: The Royal Dynasty of Hanoverians
Chart 180: The Royal Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Chart 181/182: The Royal Dynasty of Windsor
Chart 183/184: The Duke Dynasty of Norfolk
Chart 185: The Duke Dynasty of Somerset
Chart 186: The Duke Dynasty of Marlborough and Spencer
Chart 187: The Duke Dynasty of St. Albans
Chart 188: The Duke Dynasty of Grafton
Chart 189: The Duke Dynasty of Bedford
Chart 190: The Duke Dynasty of Hamilton & Brandon
Chart 191: The Duke Dynasty of Hamilton
Chart 192: The Duke Dynasty of Northumberland
Chart 193: The Duke Dynasty of Sutherland
Chart 194: The Duke Dynasty of Richmond & Lennox & Gordon

Scotland and Ireland

Chart 195: Royal Dynasty of Picts
Chart 196: The Royal Dynasty Dalraida
Chart 197: The Royal Dynasty of McAlpin
Chart 198/199: The Royal Dynasty of Athol
Chart 200: The High Stewards Dynasty
Chart 201: The Royal Dynasty of Stewart

Chart 202: The Royal Dynasty of O’Néill


Chart 203: The Imperial Dynasty of Carolingians
Chart 204: The Imperial Dynasty of Saxony
Chart 205: The Imperial Dynasty of Franconia
Chart 206: The Imperial Dynasty of Hohenstaufen
List 14: Duchies: Wurttemberg, Wittelbach, Palahtinate of Rhine and Wettin in Saxony
Chart 207: The Royal Dynasty of Hanover
Chart 208: The Dynasty Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp
Chart 209: The Duke Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
Chart 210: The Royal Dynasty of  Brunswick
Chart 211: The Duke Dynasty of Hesse
Chart 212: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Hesse-Cassel
Chart 213: The Duke Dynasty of Hesse-Darmstadt
Chart 214/215: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Chart 216: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Chart 217: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Württemberg
Chart 218/219: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Wettin
Chart 220/221: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Wittelbach
Chart 222: The Duke Dynasty of Holstein-Zondeburg-Augustenburg
Chart 223: The Duke Dynasty of Holestin-Zondeburg-Glücksburg
Chart 224: The Duke Dynasty of Baden
List 15: Emperors of The Holy Roman Empire
Chart 225/226/227: The Imperial Dynasty of Hohenzollern


Chart 228: The Counts and Dukes Dynasty of Babenberg
Chart 229/230: The Counts and Dukes Dynasty of Hapsburg
Chart 231: The Dukes and Royal Dynasty of Hapsburg
Chart 232: The Dukes, Royal and Imperial Dynasty of Hapsburg
Chart 233/234/235: The Emperor Line of Hapsburg
Chart 236/237: The Imperial Dynasty of Hapsburg-Lorraine
Chart 238: The Dukes Dynasties of Hapsburg-Toscany and Hapsburg-Modena
Chart 239: The Lost Hapsburgs

Central Europe

Chart 240/241: The Royal Dynasty of Árpád
Chart 242: The Royal Dynasty of Luxemburg and Jagiello
Chart 243: The Royal Dynasty of Corvinus

Chart 244/245: The Royal Dynasty of Pŕemysl
List 16: Rulers of Great Moravia
Chart 246: The Royal Dynasty of Luxemburg, Hapsburg and Jagiello 
Chart 247: The Royal Dynasty of Podébrad

Chart 248: The Royal Dynasty of Piast
Chart 249: The Dukes Dynasty of Silesia and Oppeln
Chart 250: The Dukes and Kings
Chart 251: The Dukes Dynasties Kuiavia, Masovia and Luxemburgs Kings
Chart 252: The Royal Dynasties of Jagiello and Vasa
List 17: Elected Kings of Poland

Baltic States and Iceland

Chart 253: The Duke and Royal Dynasty Jagiello

List 18: Grand Masters of the Teutonic  Order

List 19: Rulers of Estonia

List 20: Rulers of Finland

List 21: Rulers of Iceland


Chart 254: Early Kingdoms

Chart 255: The First Royal Dynasty in Denmark
Chart: 256/257/258: The Royal Dynasty of Estrith
Chart 259/260: The Royal Dynasty of Oldenburg
Chart 261: The Royal Dynasty of Glücksburg
Chart 262: The Royal Dynasty of Glücksburg today

Chart 263/264/265: The Royal Dynasty of Olofson-Jedverssen
Chart 266: The Royal Dynasty of Vasa
Chart 267: The Royal Dynasty of Holstein-Gottorp
Chart 268: The Royal Dynasty of Bérnadotte
Chart 269: The Royal Dynasty of  Bérnadotte today

Chart 270/271/272: The Royal Dynasty of Haraldsson
Chart 271a: Dynastic Connections Between Scandinavs and Germans Dynasties
Chart 273: The Royal Dynasty of Glücksburg

Chart 274: Kings of Dublin & York
Chart 275: Jarls of Orkney & Man
Chart 276: Jarls of Norway & Yutland
Chart 277: Jarls of Gotland & Vigen


Chart 278: The Dukes Dynasties of Rurik
Chart 279: Izjaslav
Chart 280: Vladimir
Chart 281: Izjaslav I
Chart 282: Svjyatoslav II
Chart 283: Vsevolod
Chart 284: Izyaslav II
Chart 285: Rostislav
Chart 286: Vasilko
Chart 287: Alexandar Nevsky
Chart 288: Andrey II and Yaroslav III
Chart 289: Family Tree of Saburov and Godunov
Chart 290/291: The Imperial Dynasty of Romanov

East Europe

Chart 292: The Duke Dynasty of Bogdan

Chart 293: The Duke Dynasty of Bessarab in Walachia
Chart 294: The Others Dukes Dynasties in Walachia
Chart 295: The Royal Dynasty of  Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Chart 296: The First Bulgarian Empire
Chart 297: The Second Bulgarian Empire
Chart 298: The Royal Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Chart 299: The Royal Dynasty of Glücksburg

West Balkan

Chart 300: The Counts Dynasty of Cilli

Chart 301: The Royal Dynasty of Trpimirovich-Kreshimirovich
Chart 302/303/304/305: The Dukes Dynasty of Shubich-Zrinski
Chart 306/307/308/309/: The Dukes Dynasty of Frankopan

Chart 310/311: The Royal Dynasty of Cotroman
Chart 312: The Dukes Dynasty of Hrvatinich
Chart 313: The Dukes Dynasty of Kosacha
Chart 314: The Great Vizier Dynasty of Sokolovich

Chart 315: The Dukes Dynasty of Balshich
Chart 316: The Dukes Dynasty of Crnoyevich
Chart 317: The Bishops Dynasty of Njegosh

Chart 318: The Royal Dynasty of Nemanjich
Chart 319: The Dukes Dynasty of Lazarevich
Chart 320: The Dukes Dynasty of Brankovich
Chart 321: The Royal Dynasty of Obrenovich
Chart 322/323: The Royal Dynasty of Karadjordjevich

Chart 324: The Imperial Dynasty of Cometopuli in Macedonia

Chart 325: The Duke Dynasty of Skenderbeg
Chart 326: The Prince Dynasty of  Topia
Chart 327: The Royal Dynasty of Zogu

Minor States

Chart 328: The Royal Dynasty of Lusignan

List 22: Grand Masters of St John’s Knights

Chart 329/330: The Prince Dynasty of Grimaldi

Chart 331/332: The Duke Dynasty of Liechtenstein


Chart 333: The Sultan's Dynasties of Seljcuk
Chart 334/335/336: The Sultan’s Dynasty of Ottoman
List 23: All Sultans Parents, Wives and Childrens

Dynastic Connections


Chart 337: Dinastic Connection Between XVIIIth, XIXth and XXth Faraohs  Dynasties  in Egypt
Chart 338: Dinastic Connection Between Persian Dynasty of Achaemenes
Chart 339: Dinastic Connection Between Macedonian Dynasies of Perdiccas, Antigonids and Antipatrids
Chart 340: Dinastic Connection Between Dynasty of Seleucides
Chart 341: Dinastic Connection Between Dynasty of Ptolemids
Chart 342: Dinastic Connections Between Dynasty of Julians-Claudians
Chart 343: Dinastic Connections between Dynasties of Military Emperors, The Flavians, The Antonins and The Severs
Chart 344: Dinastic Connections between Dynasties of of Ilyrians, The Constantines, The Valentines, The Theodosians and The Tracianids
Chart 345: Dynastic Connections of The Duca, The Comnenus, The Angelus and The Lascaris
Chart 346: Dinastic Connections between Hungaria, Bysantian Empire and Russia
Chart 347: Dynastic Connections between of Bysantian Empire, Russia and Kingdoms of Central Europe
Chart 348: Dinastic Connections among the Balcan Kingdoms
Chart 349: Dynastic Connections of the French Dynasties
Chart 350: Dynastic Connections of the English Dynasties
Chart 351: Dynastic Connections between the English and French Kingdoms
Chart 352: Dynastic Connections of the Hapsburg Dynasty
Chart 353: Dynastic Connections of the Savoy Dynasty
Chart 354: Dynastic Connections in Reconquista in Spain
Chart 355: Dynastic Connections in Spain 
Chart 356: Dynastic Connections Dynasties between in the Holy Roman Empire
Chart 357: Dynastic Connections of the Hohenzollern Dynasty
Chart 358: Dynastic Connections of the Bourbon Dynasties
Chart 359: Dynastic Connections of the Savoys to the  Bourbons and the Habsburgs
Chart 360: Dynastic Connections in Scandinavia
Chart 361: Dynastic Connections in Scandinavia before The Union of Kalmar
Chart 362: Dynastic Connections of the Romanov Dynasty
Chart 363: Dynastic Connections before and at the Time of the First World War
Chart 364: European Royal Family from XVII Century until the Present-Day
Chart 365: European Royal Family of Detronized Kings
Chart 366/367/368/369: First Worlds bankings Empire: Rothschilds
Chart 370: Second Worlds bankings Empire: Rockefellers
Chart 371: Greatest Worlds oils Empire: Dynasty Saud
Chart 372/373: Royality Ancestors of Presidens of USA

Ancestral Charts


Chart 374: Ancestry of emperor of Rome Caligula
Chart 375: Ancestry of emperor of Rome Nero
Chart 376: Ancestry of emperor Byzantium Constantin XI
Chart 377: Ancestry of king of France Louis IX
Chart 378: Ancestry of king of France Louis XIV
Chart 379: Ancestry of king of England Henrik VIII
Chart 380: Ancestry of queeen of Great Britain Victoria
Chart 381: Ancestry of emperor Holy Roman Empire Karl V
Chart 382: Ancestry of queen of Austria Maria Teresia
Chart 383: Ancestry of emperor of Holly Roman Empire Franz II
Chart 384: Ancestry of king of Prussia Friedrich II The Great
Chart 385: Ancestry of emperor of Germany Wilhelm I
Chart 386: Ancestry of king of Spain Carlos II
Chart 387: Ancestry of queen of Spain Isabella I
Chart 388: Ancestru of king of Portugal Carlos I
Chart 389: Ancestry of king of Italy Vittorio Emanuelle II
Chart 390: Ancestry of king of Denmark Christian IX
Chart 391: Ancestry of queen of Sweden Christina
Chart 392: Ancestry of king of Sweden Gustaf IV Adolf    
Chart 393: Ancesty of king of Norway Olav V
Chart 394: Ancestry of queen of Netherlands Beatrix
Chart 395: Ancestry of king of Belgium Baudouin I
Chart 396: Ancestry of high duke of Luxemburg Jean
Chart 397:Ancestry of empres of Russia Katarina II The Great
Chart 398: Ancestry of emperor of Russia Nikolay II
Chart 399: Ancestry of king of Romania Mihalj I
Chart 400: Ancestry of king of Bulgaria Boris III
Chart 401: Ancestry of king of Greece Konstantinos II
Chart 402: Ancestry of king of Yugoslavia Petar II
Chart 403: The Pedigree of Emperor of Franks Charles I The Great
Chart 404: Family Tree of Firs Father of Europa Charles I The Great
Chart 405: Family Tree of Second Father of Europa John Villem Friso Prince of Orange

Sinoptic Tables and Lists


Sinoptic Table 3: Dynastyc Lines
Sinoptic Table 4: The Comparative List of Kings
Sinoptic Table 5: Pretendres in Europa
List 24: Longest ruling rulers
List 25: Assasination Kings
List 26: Nicknames of rulers
List 27: List of rulers known as The Great
List 28: Importnant Monarchies

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