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Chart 374: Ancestry of emperor of Rome Caligula
Chart 375: Ancestry of emperor of Rome Nero
Chart 376: Ancestry of emperor Byzantium Constantin XI
Chart 377: Ancestry of king of France Louis IX
Chart 378: Ancestry of king of France Louis XIV
Chart 379: Ancestry of king of England Henrik VIII
Chart 380: Ancestry of queeen of Great Britain Victoria
Chart 381: Ancestry of emperor Holy Roman Empire Karl V
Chart 382: Ancestry of queen of Austria Maria Teresia
Chart 383: Ancestry of emperor of Holly Roman Empire Franz II
Chart 384: Ancestry of king of Prussia Friedrich II The Great
Chart 385: Ancestry of emperor of Germany Wilhelm I
Chart 386: Ancestry of king of Spain Carlos II
Chart 387: Ancestry of queen of Spain Isabella I
Chart 388: Ancestru of king of Portugal Carlos I
Chart 389: Ancestry of king of Italy Vittorio Emanuelle II
Chart 390: Ancestry of king of Denmark Christian IX
Chart 391: Ancestry of queen of Sweden Christina
Chart 392: Ancestry of king of Sweden Gustaf IV Adolf    
Chart 393: Ancesty of king of Norway Olav V
Chart 394: Ancestry of queen of Netherlands Beatrix
Chart 395: Ancestry of king of Belgium Baudouin I
Chart 396: Ancestry of high duke of Luxemburg Jean
Chart 397:Ancestry of empres of Russia Katarina II The Great
Chart 398: Ancestry of emperor of Russia Nikolay II
Chart 399: Ancestry of king of Romania Mihalj I
Chart 400: Ancestry of king of Bulgaria Boris III
Chart 401: Ancestry of king of Greece Konstantinos II
Chart 402: Ancestry of king of Yugoslavia Petar II
Chart 403: The Pedigree of Emperor of Franks Charles I The Great
Chart 404: Family Tree of Firs Father of Europa Charles I The Great
Chart 405: Family Tree of Second Father of Europa John Villem Friso Prince of Orange

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