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Welcome to BOOK OF KINGS

It may be a strange question, but did you ever need to know the in-depth lineage of Queen Elizabeth II, or for that matter, of Queen Elizabeth I? Your dissertation is dangerously close to being late and you need to know the name of Cleopatra’s father, and you need that name now, without having to scour reams of biographical and anecdotal blurb. And Catherine de Medici - who were her sons again?

Here is a woven together, for the first time, a comprehensive, genealogical “atlas” of the major dynasties of Europe and the Near East, ranging from Ancient Egypt to the 20th Century. Book of Kings should prove to be a deep and invaluable well of reference for any historian, university, or library; it is hard to believe that this tome is possibly the first of it’s kind. Without biography, or any preamble, the book is a list of family trees of monarchs and nobility, laid out chronologically and geographically, hence the use of the term “atlas.” It may be of interest that this work has taken more or less of 25 years of research. Book of Kings contains 274 royal, imperial and noble families, from 96 countries (many of which have faded into history itself) in 405 genealogy trees, 33 inventories of rulers, and 5 sinoptic tables. It is a definitive, extensive and exhaustive work of scholarship. Preview of certain charts can be found on Charts Preview page. Various fun facts and curiosities can derived from this book can be found on Interesting Facts page.

Parts of the book can be purchased individually as well as the complete book. Purchasing the complete genealogical atlas at once guarantees a significant savings. If you buy the book separately, the total price is $177,89. If you decide to buy the complete book at a time you can save 21% and pay only $145,99.

Introduction and Evolution of Greatest Dynasties

The first part of Book of Kings I offer free of charge. In the introduction, you can see that the atlas is intended for all history buffs, historical figures. I have also offered free of charge and thirteen chart showing the evolution of the world's greatest dynasties. When you look those maps you will be redirected to the particular genealogy map. Every one of you who decides to buy particular section of the Atlas will get access to maps and downloading of purchased materials.

Zlatko Lukic

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