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Egypt  $2.99

List 1: The Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt
Chart 14: Ist  Dynasty
Chart 15: IIIrd , IVth, and Vth Dynasties
Chart 16: Vth, VIth and VIIth  Dynasties
Chart 17: XIth Dynasty
Chart 18: XIIth Dynasty
Chart 19: XIIIth Dynasty
Chart 20: XVIIth Dynasty
Chart 21: XVIIIth Dynasty
Chart 22: XIXth Dynasty
Chart 23: XXth Dynasty 
Chart 24: Dynasty of Archbishops and XXIst  Dynasty
Chart 25: XXIInd Dynasty, Dynasty of Archbishops and XXIIIth Dyn.
Chart 26: Dynasties XXIVth, XXVth, XXVI and XXVIIth
Chart 27: XXXth Dynasty

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