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Chart 165: Kings of Kent 
Chart 166: Kings of Bernicia and Deira – Northumbria
Chart 167: Princes and Kings of Gwynedd, Deheubarth, Powys and Seisyllwg in Wales
Chart 168: Kings of East Anglia
List 12: Kings of Sussex
Chart 169: Kings of Essex
List 13: Kings of York
Chart 170: Kings of Mercia
Chart171: King of Wessex
Chart 172: The Royal Dynasty of Saxon
Chart 173: The Royal Dynasty of Norman
Chart 174: The Royal Dynasty of Plantagenet
Chart 175: The Royal Dynasty of Lancaster
Chart 176: The Royal Dynasty of York
Chart 177: The Royal Dynasty of Tudor
Chart 178: The Royal Dynasty of Stuart
Chart 179: The Royal Dynasty of Hanoverians
Chart 180: The Royal Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Chart 181/182: The Royal Dynasty of Windsor
Chart 183/184: The Duke Dynasty of Norfolk
Chart 185: The Duke Dynasty of Somerset
Chart 186: The Duke Dynasty of Marlborough and Spencer
Chart 187: The Duke Dynasty of St. Albans
Chart 188: The Duke Dynasty of Grafton
Chart 189: The Duke Dynasty of Bedford
Chart 190: The Duke Dynasty of Hamilton & Brandon
Chart 191: The Duke Dynasty of Hamilton
Chart 192: The Duke Dynasty of Northumberland
Chart 193: The Duke Dynasty of Sutherland
Chart 194: The Duke Dynasty of Richmond & Lennox & Gordon

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