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Chart 337: Dinastic Connection Between XVIIIth, XIXth and XXth Faraohs  Dynasties  in Egypt
Chart 338: Dinastic Connection Between Persian Dynasty of Achaemenes
Chart 339: Dinastic Connection Between Macedonian Dynasies of Perdiccas, Antigonids and Antipatrids
Chart 340: Dinastic Connection Between Dynasty of Seleucides
Chart 341: Dinastic Connection Between Dynasty of Ptolemids
Chart 342: Dinastic Connections Between Dynasty of Julians-Claudians
Chart 343: Dinastic Connections between Dynasties of Military Emperors, The Flavians, The Antonins and The Severs
Chart 344: Dinastic Connections between Dynasties of of Ilyrians, The Constantines, The Valentines, The Theodosians and The Tracianids
Chart 345: Dynastic Connections of The Duca, The Comnenus, The Angelus and The Lascaris
Chart 346: Dinastic Connections between Hungaria, Bysantian Empire and Russia
Chart 347: Dynastic Connections between of Bysantian Empire, Russia and Kingdoms of Central Europe
Chart 348: Dinastic Connections among the Balcan Kingdoms
Chart 349: Dynastic Connections of the French Dynasties
Chart 350: Dynastic Connections of the English Dynasties
Chart 351: Dynastic Connections between the English and French Kingdoms
Chart 352: Dynastic Connections of the Hapsburg Dynasty
Chart 353: Dynastic Connections of the Savoy Dynasty
Chart 354: Dynastic Connections in Reconquista in Spain
Chart 355: Dynastic Connections in Spain 
Chart 356: Dynastic Connections Dynasties between in the Holy Roman Empire
Chart 357: Dynastic Connections of the Hohenzollern Dynasty
Chart 358: Dynastic Connections of the Bourbon Dynasties
Chart 359: Dynastic Connections of the Savoys to the  Bourbons and the Habsburgs
Chart 360: Dynastic Connections in Scandinavia
Chart 361: Dynastic Connections in Scandinavia before The Union of Kalmar
Chart 362: Dynastic Connections of the Romanov Dynasty
Chart 363: Dynastic Connections before and at the Time of the First World War
Chart 364: European Royal Family from XVII Century until the Present-Day
Chart 365: European Royal Family of Detronized Kings
Chart 366/367/368/369: First Worlds bankings Empire: Rothschilds
Chart 370: Second Worlds bankings Empire: Rockefellers
Chart 371: Greatest Worlds oils Empire: Dynasty Saud
Chart 372/373: Royality Ancestors of Presidens of USA

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