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Chart 87/88: The Royal Dynasty of Mérovingian
Chart 89: The Pipinides
Chart 90: The Imperial Dynasty of Carolingians
Chart 91/92/93: The Royal Dynasty of Capetians
Chart 94 The Royal Dynasty of Valois
Chart 95: The Royal Dynasty of Valois-Orléan and Valois–Ango ulême
Chart 96: The Royal Dynasty of Bourbon
Chart 97: The Imperial Dynasty of Bonaparte
Chart 98: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Bourbon-Orléan
Chart 99: The Duke Dynasty of Normans in Normandy
Chart 100: The Duke Dynasty of Anjou 1st House
Chart 101: The Duke Dynasty of Anjou 3rd House
Chart 102/103: The Duke Dynasty of Brittany
Chart 104/105  The Duke &  Earl Dynasty of Burgundy
Chart 106/107/108: The Duke Dynasty of Lorraine
Chart 109: The Duke Dynasty of Beauharnais
Chart 110: The Bastards of Henri IV and Louis XIV
Chart 111: The Dukes and Counts of Bourbon & Bourbon-Montpensier
Chart 112: The Dukes and Counts of Vendôme & Marche
Chart 113: The Counts Condé, Soissons & Conti

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