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Interesting Facts

  • Presented here is the first complete genealogical set of European’s Monarchy family trees, summarised as a set of maps.

  • The book illustrates 4200 connections between the 14389 people.

  • As much as 7 people share the name of Cleopatra.

  • Out of 161 Roman emperors, only 30 of them died of natural causes.

  • France had 19 rulers who were called Louis and 9 rulers by the name of Napoleon.

  • The most common names of English kings were Edward and Henry, eight with each names.

  • All the royal dynasties of Europe (currently in rule or deposed/exiled) have Germanic royal blood.

  • Incest destroyed ancient empires; in Egypt’s VIII Dynasty (Tutankhamon) in 11 generations there were 11 incest’s, in Seleucid’s dynasty in the 9 generations there were  9 incest, and Ptolemid’s dynasty (from which the famous Cleopatra VII is) in 12 generations, there were as many as 16 of incest.

  • Habsburgs were the Dukes of Austria, but also the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.

  • The ancestors of many European kings are Attila and Genghis Khan.

  • Frankish Emperor Charles the Great had a wife and 11 concubines and 17 children with them (8 from legal marriages or out of marriages).

  • Maria Theresa had only one husband, but 16 children.

  • Queen Isabela II of Spain had only one husband, but 9 children from her 7 lovers.

  • All current 10 European kings in ascending generation have the same ancestor.

  • 23 Presidents of the USA have the same ancestor, Edmund II Saxon king of England.
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